Segue is Jordan Sauer from Vancouver, Canada. At a young age he began playing piano and violin, which he later put aside to learn fingerstyle guitar. These formative years studying music gave him a love and passion for all kinds of music. In highschool he was exposed to his sisters tape collection, consisting of classic UK drum and bass and electronica. Once exposed to electronic music, it didn't take long for him to discover the relaxed, hypnotic sounds of dub and reggae, and the  electronic music producers working these sounds into their music. 


The music of Segue is a combination of many styles and influences, but the end result fits comfortably within the ambient and dub-techno genres of electronic music. The sounds used in each composition are carefully chosen, consisting of field recordings, acoustic instruments and electronic sound sources.  





"Segue weaves gorgeous threads of melody around tactile, mossy beds of sound and understated grooves that carry you to far away, inviting places."

- Juno Records

"Over The Mountains is ambient techno producer Jordan Sauer’s most exploratory and seamless album to date. Epics like ‘Celestial’ and ‘Exposure’ chart gentle rhythmic paths through field recordings and synthesizer clouds, tucking away subtle climaxes like hidden treasures."


"Over The Mountains is an inspired, serene and ethereal oeuvre best listened to in its entirety (8/10)"

- Exclaim

"Part of the reason that Pacifica feels so unusually welcoming is melody—the album oozes with it right from the outset...(4.5/5)."

Resident Advisor


"The Here And Now’ is an evolution in Jordan’s sound and his confidence. Dub-techno often gets labelled as boring or formulaic and it’s people like Jordan who are pushing the boundaries and merging the lines between genres."

- A Strangely Isolated Place


"Segue is so good at this light, understated music that he sends the listener into a dream state. He specializes in dub techno, but his music is sprayed with pretty pop melodies that blossom at just the right time. "

A Closer Listen


"Rich layers of ambient noise, crackling field recordings, even a live tabla (as featured on the album's single, "Snow Dub" give the record satisfying grit. Everything in Pacifica fits into place."



"Pacifica’s melodies radiate through nuanced textures like a west coast sun reaching through a misty forest canopy. "



"Segue takes us through a nostalgic dream-inducing ambient dub stroll, simultaneously reminiscent of Yagya’s “The Rhythm of Snow” and Boards of Canada’s “The Campfire Headphase.”

Dub Monitor